What is Live Art?

Live Art is a one-of-a-kind experience that will be remembered long past the cake cutting. Sit back and enjoy your wedding reception while we paint you and your guests in our signature faceless style to create the sweetest memento of your special day!

We are often referred to as an alternative to a photo booth or wedding favors, but you’ll also see the investment as unique entertainment that your guests will talk about for a lifetime! Your dress can only be worn once, your dance floor will eventually empty out, but live art allows your guests to treasure your day long past the last toast.

How it Works

After booking, we will ask you to fill out a shared spreadsheet with your guest’s names and addresses. 

On the day of, Guests come over to the  Live Art station to get their picture taken. They’ll confirm we have their names spelled correctly, then go back to enjoy the party (you party animals). 

Guests can stop by before they leave to pick up their stylized portrait. If their portrait isn’t ready before they are, we will mail it directly to them later that week.


How much does a live art experience cost?
Intimate weddings (50 or fewer guests) start at $1250 and include an 8×10 framed engagement portrait to display at our table as we paint your guests. We offer packages of up to 100 guests (about 60 portraits) for $1650, and charge per guest beyond 100. Please reach out for specific pricing if you’d like to book us for a larger wedding or event!

What do we provide?
We provide all the materials we need to paint your wedding guests, a plastic sleeve for every portrait, and an 8×10 framed engagement portrait of you and your fiancé. We do ask that you provide a table and 2 chairs for us to work somewhere near your cocktail hour or reception room.

What if my cocktail hour and reception are in different locations?
We recommend hiring us to set up two tables, one at each location, to start your paintings as soon as cocktail hour begins. Then we can continue the fun at your reception once it moves there!

Book Your Live Art Experience

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